I didn't know how important it is to have comfortable medical scrubs and uniforms until I went to school to become a certified Nursing Assistant. My dream was to work in a hospital and find out myself if this career was really for me. This wasn't my first choice as my permanent career. I had always wanted something else, but I also need funds to go to school. Then the idea of becoming certified as an NA came to me and if it's possible I could do both then I would be glad to juggle them until I'll be able to get a student loan. The plan was to enroll in real Nursing and I don't just don't want to go into the field if I wasn't sure about it. Our first 3 day clinical was a blast. We were told to wear uniforms during our clinical week and how important it was, so we will be recognized we work in that particular floor. I had a hard time searching for stores online. I didn't see many that really catches my eye and I always worry about he quality of the products if I don't see it up close. A friend of mine who already bought hers month before the class even started told me about http://www.blueskyscrubs.com and that saved my time browsing the city for nearby stores. I'm glad she said something about it or else it would take me longer to hunt these stores. I bought two different styles and the one that I picked are just perfect. It fits me well and what a difference it is compared to the other style. Now I know know what style to get. It's also great to buy variety, so you can compare what works for your body style. That's what happened to mine. Though I wore them both, but I prefer wearing the style that I super like. Feel free to check out the site.


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